Sydney’s Leading Martial Arts Centre

A reputable name in Martial Arts with classes in Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Tricking, our facilities attract the highest degree of coaches, competitors and sponsors. Our school is located just outside Liverpool, Sydney.

Your training is tailored to help you reach individual fitness, competition or personal goals with an emphasis on determination, discipline and fitness – regardless of age or skill level. Explore our taekwondo, kickboxing, tricking, demo and weapons classes.

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Explore our kickboxing, taekwondo, tricking and demo classes for all ages and skills

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We believe in providing everyone with the opportunity to train a martial art. Sign up here for a no-obligation trial period to see which classes work for you.

Classes For All Skills & Styles

With experienced staff delivering professional quality training, your training will be built around your experience, goals and interests.

All classes cover the fundamentals of Martial Arts including focus, co-ordination, self defense & combat. Our specialized classes take Martial Artists to the next level in Olympic style Taekwondo sparring, weapons demonstrations or competitive tricking.